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Beta v5.4 - 8 Jul 2024
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The files linked from this page are beta test versions of ComCap. The beta version is made available to those that wish to test new features or have experienced problems in ComCap, to ensure such problems are fixed before an official release. Please make sure you keep your previous version of ComCap, in case you need to downgrade.

ComCap5 - Beta Release 5.4 - 8th July 2024

1 - Text Replacement for captured data now allows found text to be replaced by a space or a blank, ie deleled. Both Search and Replacement text may now include escaped characters, specifically \s for space, \_ for blank and \\ for backslash (\), similarly to 'Add Custom Text to Captured Lines'. When searching text, this also allows trailing spaces to be searched and replaced.

ComCap5 - Beta Release 5.4 - 22nd June 2024

1 - Added a means to remove excessive captured data by ignoring duplicate lines. In Channel Settings, Records, new tick box 'Ignore Duplicate Lines' and 'Max Lines to Ignore' defaulting to 1 (max 9,999). During capture, ComCap checks if a newly captured line is the same as the previous line and then ignores it, unless the maximum lines to ignore is exceeded, when the line is captured and the counter reset. Duplicate checking is before any line processing, added text, etc. The total number of ignored lines is totalled and appears on the status bar and Information Log, similarly to other methods for ignoring lines. This is designed for instruments such as weigh scales or flow meters that output a continuous stream of data every second or so, even when idle.

2 - Added Text Replacement for captured data. In Channel Settings, there is a new tab 'Text Replacement' with a tick box 'Search and Replace Text in Record'. 'Search Method' is similar to Capture Filters and Capture Alerts, allowing search of a simple textual phrase, search with wildcards or a regular expression. The grid allows multiple 'Search Text' phrases to be entered, each with 'Replacement Text' if the search matches. More than one replacement may occur for a record if multiple searches are specified, but will also find any previous replacements. The button bar allow loading captured text from a file or the capture window, similarly to Filters, clicking on a capture line will show any replacements that will occur. Text Replacement is processed after most record processing, but before adding Custom text to the record or a time stamp.

If you notice any problems with this beta release, please email with details of the problem and the date of the beta version you are using.

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