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The file linked from this page is a beta test version of DUN Manager. The beta version is made available to those that have experienced problems in DUN Manager, to ensure such problems are fixed before an official release. Please make sure you keep your previous version of DUN Manager, in case you need to downgrade.

This beta fixes some serious issues in the last version and will be released soon.

Features and bug Fixes 25th June 2018

1 - Fixed a problem in Internet Diagnostics, Whois, looking up a secondary whois server for COM domains.

2 - Fixed SSL problems in several schedued tasks relating to HTTP to HTTPS redirection not working unless an HTTPS URL was specified as well.

3 - All the scheduled tasks that support SSL can now specify the SSL security level, to ensure that minimum security standards are enforced. This is selected in Task Properties, General 2, and the options are: None, SSLv3 Only, TLSv1 Only, TLSv1.1 Only, TLSv1.2 Only, TLSv1.3 Only, TLSv1 or Better, TLSv1.1 or Better, TLSv1.2 or Better, Backward Ciphers, Intermediate Ciphers, High Ciphers, 2048 keys, High Ciphers, 3072 keys,and High Ciphers, 7680 keys. The default is TLSv1.1 or Better.

4 - When setting up Email Servers in Preferences, Logs/Costs, the SSL security level may be set similarly to tasks, and a new tick box 'Retry Without SSL' causes a failed SSL connection to be retried immediately without SSL, for low security stuff like logs and alerts.

5 - Support has been added for TLSv1.3, the first improvement in SSL for about 10 years which is expected to become an RFC standard in the next few weeks. Currently DUN Manager uses a beta version of OpenSSL 1.1.1 supporting draft 28, which is becoming widely accepted.

Features and bug Fixes 8th June 2017

1 - Windows 10 version 1703 (March 2017) build 15063 broke RAS modem dialling, it failed with error 633, port not available. Microsoft eventually announced a registry privilege fix that allowed modems to dial again which is expected to be included in some future update. This problem also effects some 3G USB modems that use RAS, including many models from Huawei. It does not effect VPN connections or those with NDIS drivers, that appear under Network Adaptors in Device Manager.

2 - This DUN Manager beta checks for this Windows 10 bug on start-up, and will automatically fix the registry provided the application has been run with administrator rights, after which a PC reboot will be needed before modem dialling is possible again. A dialog box will appear warning if dialling will fail or if a reboot is necessary.

3 - For those that don't want to install the new beta, we have also provided a simple Windows Powershell script win10ras.ps1 which will add the new privilege to the registry manually, a reboot is still required. Please read the intructions at the top of the script for usage.

4 - Beware Microsoft could fix the Windows 10 bug in a different way so this change may need reviewing in a few months.

5 - The tray popup menu has a new option 'View Mail Queue'  that opens a new window showing any items pending in the Mail Queue, and  allowing them to be cancelled if necessary. In general, email is sent within a few seconds assuming there is an internet connection, but sometimes email can get stuck in the queue and is never sent.

6 - Historicially, DUN Manager has used TAPI APIs to monitor modem dialling, because they sense dialling faster that the RAS APIs. But TAPI stopped working with Windows 8, so DUN Manager automatically ticked 'RAS Pollng (Ignore TAPI)' in Preferences, General, Call Monitoring. But TAPI seems to be working again in recent versions of Windows 10, so it's now possible untick the RAS Polling box for better monitoring. Note however that only modems listed on the Devices tab will be monitored, and that currently excludes my ISDN card and VPN miniports, so polling will still be need to monitor calls made by other applications using such devices. This TAPI issue would seem to be another bug similar to the RAS modem dialling bug mentioned earlier, now partially fixed.

7 - The DUN Manager help file uses the winhelp (HLP) format that Microsoft has been trying to discontinue for 15 years. It stopped installing the viewer with Vista, then removed the viewer download with Windows 10 and 2012. So we now include winhlp32-inst.zip which includes a readme with installation instructions.

8 - Updated OpenSSL to the latest version.

If you notice any problems with this beta release, please email Magenta Systems with details of the problem and the date of the beta version you are using.

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