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Visual Memory Migration to PC


This utility allows Alliance and WP Plus Visual Memory cabinets to be converted into PC text files on any drive available on the PC on which this utility is being used. These text files may then be imported into PC or UNIX database packages such as Microsoft Access, DataEase, Paradox, etc.

A number of formatting options are available, allowing fixed length or delimited records to be copied to the PC, either separated with quotes and commas, or with tabs.

The Visual Memory field names may be copied to the PC, to allow automatic of creation of tables in packages such as Access. Different translation tables may be selected depending upon the final destination of the data. When copying large Visual Memory files, multiple PC files may be created which each limited to a maximum size.

All fields and sub records within a specified Visual Memory drawer will be copied to the PC. Each separate sub-record definition is copied into a separate PC file with information to allow the various tables to relinked once on the PC. Once on the PC, any non-required fields may be deleted or the order re-arranged as desired.


Visual Memory to PC Copy requires a Wang 200/300 series PC, IBM AT or close compatible PC, with a 928 or Local Connect board, coax connected to the Alliance or OIS. IBM PC/XT models (and compatibles) are not supported. The PC needs at least 512K of memory and MS-DOS 3.2 or later. Versions are available Visual Memory on Alliance, OIS and VS systems.


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