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Major Improvements for Wang Word Processing Release 5.0



Magenta WP Features ('MWPF') and Wang WP Release 5.0 ('WP5.0') together form the first major enhancement of traditional Wang word processing ('WP') for a decade. They answer many a wish and enable users to get more out of their friendly and familiar WP. MWPF is a product of Magenta Systems Ltd. Wang WP5.0 was developed jointly by Wang and Magenta

Tailor WP to your requirements:

MWPF allows WP to be configured to site requirements - by system, by user, by library and by document. Operator defaults are set by reference to User ID, named user groups or the workstation number.

The Features

Entering WP

In the WP Environment

Choosing What To Do

Creating a New Document

Document Access and Editing

Printing the Document

Filing, Backup and Security




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