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Year 2000 Compliance


Magenta Systems has now completed updates to it's major software applications for continued support into Year 2000 and beyond.

Please note that the unlimited authorisation codes provided when earlier versions of many of the applications were installed will expire sometime during 1999, the exact date depending on if and when the package was originally installed as a demo. So upgrading to the latest versions at the earliest opportunity is recommended.

Year 2000 Compliant Software Releases

Non Compliant Software


Upgrade Availability

The latest versions of Magenta software applications are available without extra cost for all users with a current support contract. If the contract has lapsed, it must be renewed for a minimum of one year to receive the latest software releases.

Users that decline to renew but whom experience software expiry during 1999 will be given a maximum of two 40 days demo loads to allow continued usage. But this will not be technically feasible after the beginning of November so an upgrade is the only way the software can then be used.

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