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v4.3 - 23 Apr 2024
(9,574,355 bytes)

The beta file must
not be distributed
or linked in any way

The file linked from this page is a beta test version of MailMaint. The beta version is made available to those that have experienced problems in MailMaint, to ensure such problems are fixed before an official release. Please make sure you keep your previous version of MailMaint, in case you need to downgrade.

Features and bug Fixes in beta 23rd April 2024

1 - MailMaint will shortly become open source software, so no longer requires registration, and all restrictions on use have been removed.

2 - Fixed a long term problem where a blank or corrupted line in the HDR file with old headers could cause an error opening a mailbox, unless the file was manually deleled.

3 - The Mail Queue is now only started when there is email waiting to be sent.

3 - Updated to the latest OpenSSL version, and latest root CA bundle.

If you notice any problems with this beta release, please email with details of the problem and the date of the beta version you are using.

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