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v3.12 - 11 Dec 2018
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The beta file must
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The file linked from this page is a beta test version of MailMaint. The beta version is made available to those that have experienced problems in MailMaint, to ensure such problems are fixed before an official release. Please make sure you keep your previous version of MailMaint, in case you need to downgrade.

Features and bug Fixes in beta 11th December 2018

1 - Support has been added for TLSv1.3, the first improvement in SSL for about 10 years, using OpenSSL 1.1.1. If there are problems accessing servers using earlier beta versions of TLSv1.3, set the SSL Security Level to TLSv1.2 Only (see below).

2 - The SSL Security Level can now be specified to ensure that minimum security standards are enforced. This is selected separately for POP3 and SMTP servers and the options are: None, SSLv3 Only, TLSv1 Only, TLSv1.1 Only, TLSv1.2 Only, TLSv1.3 Only, TLSv1 or Better, TLSv1.1 or Better, TLSv1.2 or Better, Backward Ciphers, Intermediate Ciphers, High Ciphers, 2048 keys, High Ciphers, 3072 keys,and High Ciphers, 7680 keys. The default is TLSv1.1 or Better.

3 - Fixed a problem when clicking on a very long HTML link that caused MailMaint to crash.

4 - MailMaint servers no longer have the ability to start dial-up networking, a feature that has probably not been used for several years. DUN is still supported if started before MailMaint is used.

5 - Updated the Root CA certificate bundle to recognise newer CA roots.

If you notice any problems with this beta release, please email with details of the problem and the date of the beta version you are using.

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